History/Mission of the Sy Syms Foundation:

The Sy Syms Foundation was established in 1985 by retail entrepreneur and humanitarian Sy Syms. His mission was to support education, and through his generosity the non-profit Foundation has effected the continued growth of many institutions of higher learning, including the Sy Syms School of Business at Yeshiva University, and many organizations which provide funding for education like the Inner City Scholarship Fund, the executive Women of New Jersey Scholarship Fund, the Coro New York Leadership Center, the Young People’s Leadership Foundation.

The Foundation over its almost 30 year history has been hugely supportive of Public Television through the underwriting of various programming. Mr. Syms personally was an early sponsor of Public Television Broadcasting.

The Sy Syms Foundation has also been supportive of medical research including that of the American Heart Association, the Barrow Neurological Institute & Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center, Reuth Medical & Life Care Centers, The Children’s Cancer & Blood Foundation, Fragile X Research Foundation, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Jewish Family & Children’s Services, the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, the International Pemphigus Foundation, the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science and many other entities in medicine and science which bring about improvement in life and living with and managing diseases.

In addition, the Foundation has been a proud benefactor to many civic and cultural bodies, each which further contribute to the betterment of our lives such as Lincoln Center Corporate Fund, WNYC, NPR, the Museum of Jewish Heritage, American Museum of Natural History, The Jewish Museum, Amnesty International, Lower East Side Tenement Museum, National Council of Jewish Women, and the Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York.


Letter from the President, Marcy Syms

Marcy Syms: Founding Trustee and PresidentWhat a privilege it is to be able to concentrate on progress in the fields of education, science and the arts! Since 1985 when first becoming the Foundations founding trustee and Secretary, I knew that this privilege came with responsibilities.

Not the obvious kind that requires governance with best practices reporting, but the kind of responsibilities that put a spring in my step. Today after almost 30 years of successful partnering with our 501c3 organizations, the joy of giving still energizes me.


Marcy Syms: Founding Trustee & President
Mark Freiberg: Treasurer & Trustee
Lynn Tamarkin Syms: Trustee
Robert Syms: Trustee

Foundation Grantees

Foundation Grantees